Vapouround Awards


E-Liquid of the Year at the Vapouround Awards!

E-Liquid of the Year is always one of the most competitive categories at the Vapouround Awards. And once again, our entrants faced stiff competition, spanning sweets, menthols, desserts, salt nic and more. There could only be one winner.

Some incredible juices have won this award over the years, all wearing their crest with pride for months and years to follow. In 2019, it was Riot Squad with the fruity Raspberry Grenade and last year, Pacha Mama’s Fuji Apple, Strawberry and Nectarine took the gong.

And for the 2021 E-Liquid of the Year, we welcome Cush Man Mango from Nasty Juice.

These guys continue to put out bottle after bottle of delicious and creative e-liquids. Honestly, any number of their juices could have won it this year.

So congratulations to 2021 E-Liquid of the Year – Cush Man Mango by Nasty Juice.

If you have to choose between a profitable business or a profitable business that helps people the choice for us is crystal clear. When what we do makes other peoples lives truly better we create a place in society for ourselves that is welcomed by all.  And that is good for business. This is why NASTY has gone through a transformation. We are still just as NASTY as when we first started. But now we’re NASTY with a purpose. Our mission is to help others be the best version of themselves. But we can’t do this alone. There are over one billion smokers around the world. As we all know smoking is one of the leading cause of deaths and health issues worldwide. We are too small to take on the big tobacco companies alone. So in accepting this award tonight I hope and pray  that all of us here tonight can move forward as one. United with the same purpose we will create a place for our industry that people will truly welcome wherever we are and change the perception globally . If I have to choose between winning alone or winning together I choose winning together every time. Congratulations to all the winners. And congratulations to all of you here tonight.” Pak Din – Nasty Juice