Vapouround Awards

The Vapouround Awards 2021: The Best Dressed

A well-known figure in the vape community, Abhishek made an impressive entrance onto the Lotus Mega Yacht. Seemingly no stranger to the red carpet Mr Hirani sported a white suit jacket with a black trim accompanied by Louis Vuitton loafers. The perfect attire for the glamorous event.

Katijah Ahmed
Vape Dinner Lady

Dressed to the nines, being in Kat’s presence felt like being with royalty (especially after the big win!). Wearing an elegant black gown, Kat looked like she had just stepped off the runway in Milan and not Pier 7 in the Dubai Marina. 

Sunny Khanzada 
Dr. Vapes

Dr Vapes’ very own Wolf of Wall Street. Sunny Khanzada opted for a sharp, fresh look to attend the 6th Vapouround Awards. Sunny’s pocket square, in the Dr Vapes’ signature red, popped against his classy ash suit as he cruised around the Palm, setting him up as a fierce member of our best dressed guests.

Mo Hassan
Dr. Vapes

The King of Vapes himself needs no introduction. After winning a selection of awards, and grabbing the top gong of Vaper of the Year, Mo was an obvious win for Best Dressed. Pairing plaid grey trousers, a checkered salmon shirt with Y2K shades to keep the reflections from his awards out of his eyes. 

Here’s a few more of our favourite looks.