Vapouround Awards

2023 Biggest Winners

Monster Vape Labs

The Global Achievement Award

In 2016, Monster Vape Labs set out to make the highest-quality e-liquid in the cleanest, most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in the world – and succeeded.

Today, Monster Vape Labs leads the industry in quality standardisation from their ISO and GMP certified facility.

Their approach has changed the e-liquid game for the industry, offering a truly premium vaping experience to their worldwide customer base.

The Global Achievement Award honours a brand without whom the industry would not be where it is today, and Monster Vape Labs have most certainly done just that.

Industry Leader


This year’s ‘Industry Leader’ award went to market-leading vape technology company – Geekvape.

Serving more than 30 million customers globally, their brand mission is to produce innovate products and create a reliable user experience for the vapers.

They have become a pioneer of smart manufacturing for e-cigarettes, empowering high-quality development for the vape industry.

Geekvape are setting the bar for the industry with intelligent manufacturing – a truly worthy winner for this year’s Industry Leader.

Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry


Since FEELM’s inception, they have developed multiple innovative technological solutions for closed vape pod systems, pushing forward a new premium vaping experience to over 50 countries and regions across the globe.

In 2023, the world’s first ceramic coil disposable vape solution, FEELM Max, was launched. The technology generates 78% less impurities, improved vapour and test consistency and produces 30% more puffs than standard disposable vapes on the market (whilst still remaining compliment).

For this reason, FEELM is this year’s ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry’ award winner!